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That space in which we honor and take time to see the divine within and around each other. I love the challenge of creating ritual for diverse communities, and especially the twists and turns of nontraditional spaces and places. For me, creation of sacred interspiritual space is an act of liberation. In sacred space, I use my passion for interfaith interactions, asking myself: how can I place our sacred traditions in dialogue through liturgy? What does it mean in our living outside of what we term our sacred spaces?   To create ritual and liturgy in a new way, to feel spirit in a space thought of as completely secular, to draw sound and song out of the imagined unmusical place, brings me joy.

Goddess at the Table

Oshun, Yoruba Goddess of fresh water dances and laughs her blessing as we prepare for a sacred community meal.

This blend of Afro-Cuban jazz, Orisha dance, congregational song, sacred text, Midrash, Eucharist and prayer brought an interreligious and cross-cultural dialogue to the communion table through performance art and dance.

The Gospel According to Beyonce

"We flawless"

Beyonce, purple-flavored celebration, and Womanism created a sacred space for a Pop theology

with a traditional Baptist liturgy, sacred text, music video, and prayer.

An exploration of metamorphosis through the use and freedom of space within a worship setting, with

avant garde jazz, art, community ritual, poetry, food, storytelling, and song.

"Born a brilliant blue in a field of green, she danced in the fullness of herself, her indigo spins awash in blue beauty." 


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