See momma. See momma do yoga. Yoga good.

Can I just say, sometimes it's all about being resent… I mean present? Really, jokes aside. My perfect practice, pre-munchkin, was oh so pretty and beautiful, and picturesque. It could have been in a magazine I tell you. Today, my practice goes deeper and deeper with each unrolled mat. Why? Because I get to put my spirit where my lingo is. I get to BE mountain pose...present and strong. And today, that meant, 5 minutes of physical practice and living in the present moment with the little man who needed an extra cuddle. It also led me to this AWESOME practice with Outlaw Yoga which I found on Yoga Download. Dudes...15 minutes. You. Can. Do. It. Best of all, he uses LIVE music, and gives a talk on living a life of service in between gentle instruction for some challenging poses. Take a deep breath and break out your mat for the first 15 minutes of naptime. Make it a part of your Everyday Spirituality.