Many believe that our eyes are the window to the soul. I say it's the voice. Our individual sound is like an invisible finger print...

and I love working with the unique twists and turns, highs and lows of this human instrument.  I have been singing all of my life, literally, and have years of hands on experience with the voice. I've studied privately with many voice teachers in New York including Jeremiah Abiah from MTV's "Made" and Diana Corto of The American Opera Company as well as studied music and jazz performance at Hunter College and City College of New York (CUNY School of Music). I've studied the soul of music, how our emotions and spirit affect our sound at One Spirit Learning Alliance and Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University where I completed my Master's thesis on the healing aspects of song and story. I teach gospel music workshops and am on faculty at Vienna Music Institute, but mostly, I am a performer. I have toured with musical theater companies, gospel ensembles, and as a solo artist for the past 18 years. My teaching is soul-focused, breath-centered and supports mind and body awareness and a healthy, long-lasting voice.

All of these experiences along with belief in your individual sound are alive in my teaching. I'm kind of like your personal vocal coach and cheerleader wrapped in one.

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